9 Hard Truths On Why You’re Not Yet (As) Rich As You Want To Be -Even Though You’re Honest and Hardworking.

frustrated nigerians

If you’ve ever looked at your hustle and wondered why you’re still chasing your own tail financially, here’s a very blunt post that addresses that question.

WARNING: If you’re over-sensitive and easily offended, this post is for you too, but it will require more maturity than you’re used to.

frustrated nigerians

Find yourself below and address what need to be addressed

But first, I’ve been dirt broke before. So I’m not insulting you. I’m just showing you how I climbed out of that soakaway called poverty. 

Second, I’ve also been a civil servant before. So relax. If I tell you employment is shit, I’ve been there. 

Anyway, here’s why you’re still struggling financially. 

1.) You’ve insulted so many rich people that you are now afraid of being rich because you know you will be insulted too. 

But that’s how life works. The poor will ALWAYS hate (and blame) the rich. Until Jesus comes. 

The rich do not attack each other. NEVER. 

2.) You care too much what people think. The rich don’t care. 

A timid man will always have skinny children. 

The rich don’t care. From COZA to Bobrisky. 

A lion does not concern itself with the opinion of cheap. (Pun intended)

3.) All your friends are broke. AND You’re afraid you’ll lose them if you get rich, because seriously…birds of the same feather flock together. 

When I was a civil servant, I’d have an appointment at the government house to bring a proposal, and can you believe I’d go drink beer and not send the proposal. I didn’t want to leave my friends.

You’re afraid they’ll “gossip you” behind your back. It’s not Karma. They MUST gossip you. If you can’t take it, you will die poor. 

4.) You’re too eager to help your “loved ones”. A guy on 60k salary wants to send all his siblings to school and also help his poor parents. 

I call such a person Mr/Miss Foolish. Ode ido. 

Free yourself first. Only then can you help others SAFELY. 

Otherwise you’ll keep sliding back down those slimy walls of the poverty soakaway. 

5.) Youre too sensitive. I was paying a carpenter his money and he said I shouldn’t give him with left hand. That says a lot.

So many of us have useless rules about what offends us. Useless rules that cannot stand before landlord rent. 

Every time, “I’m offended. I’m offended”. 

Are you a thermometer?

If it doesn’t take food from my mouth, I don’t give a damn. 

6.) You carry hurts from the past. Listen to me and listen clearly. You can’t progress if you can’t forgive. 

Success is NOT the best revenge. Only losers seek revenge. 

There is no best revenge sef. Win because it is your destiny. Not because someone hurt you. 

The wise get better -NOT BITTER. 

WAIT…So if they didn’t offend you, you no go succeed abi? Ode oshi. 

7.) All your life lessons are from broke people.

Broke people think wealth is by hard work. Some people will say “I cannot be fetching water inside the ocean”

You give UP, to climb UP. Ignore at your peril. 

Another young clown said “If you are rich, why are you still collecting money to teach others”. 

Even Dangote sells 50 Naira sugar. And MTN sells N100 Richard card. But the poor have nothing to sell. 

Whatever is free is despised. 

8.) You argue with people who are more successful than you. 

Listen, you can hide behind your pen and write what you want, but the fact remains you’re naive and ignorant. 

Young. Dumb. And BROKE. 

We you kee kwayet!

Yes, keep quiet, listen and observe what the rich say, do and practice. Then copy them. 

Swallow that your pineapple pride and learn instead of shouting scam like a crow every time. 

Your future will thank you for it. 

And lastly…

#9 reason you’re not rich yet is that you underestimate the power of trading forex. 

waju abraham

Even your bank trades forex with that money you think you’re saving. And then they still charge you for keeping it with them. 

Who’s the fool now?

Anyway, I can teach you forex like no other person on EARTH can teach you. And I can get you results faster than Usein Bolt can get an erection. 

Start here: smsbypass.net

PS: People say I’m too hard. But I learned early that you can’t pamper people to succeed. Those who listen will look for me in future to thank me. 

Blessed are you if you’re not offended. For ye shall thank me in future. 

Joy to the wise.

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  1. Great Waju.Your write ups are push buttons.How do.I register for the Forex Class?Someone in your group linked me to Nafisat but ever since I sent her a message on Facebook, there has been no response.

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