Here's Why Almost Everybody Is Afraid Of Internet Marketing

...And Why 99 Out Of 100 Newbies Conclude It Is A Scam!

Dear Friend,

I promise if you give me your attention for the next few minutes, I will show you everything that's holding you back from online success. And a clear way to 7 figures monthly income working only 30 minutes per day.

But ONLY if you give me your attention.

And wait...Why am I telling you this for FREE?

Because I know that teaching people to fish is tricky business. The expert teaches you from the mountain top he has conquered. To him, it is easy as pie.

You havent conquered it. So it is confusing. In fact, it takes months (and maybe years) of running around in circles for the training to sink.

I want to help you get almost instant results. And I know "teaching" isn't exactly the answer. You want money -not complex information you can't use.

So I'm giving you something even better. Something no "expert" around you is willing to give you today.

And more on this in a bit.

But first...

A $60Million Seal Of Approval.

Turns out you can't buy this kind of testimonial from famzing gooroos at Social Media Week. 

Jason Mangrum has been around for the last 18 years as copywriter for Fortune 500 businesses.

And I've done copywriting work for Jason for the past 15 months. I wouldn't last a week around him if I didn't know a thing or two about getting sales online.

And in fact, he is not alone in thinking I'm kind of a big deal.

A few great Nigerian marketers seem to agree on this too.

Toyin Omotoso, 7 Star Courses
The biggest affiliate marketers in Nigeria also seem to think so too.

But away with all this shameless self-adulation.

The point is...I can help you -and you would be wise to pay attention.

Like most great marketers out there, I've had my days when I wanted to just quit and face my meagre civil servant salary. I probably would have settled for a wife with small dreams who could endure the suffer-head life with me.

Because it is deceptively hard to succeed online.

At first you think all you need is a website -and an email list.

Then you get it, and still nothing happens.

Your product is great, your lead generation is converting well...

But no sales are coming in -at least not the type you dreamed of.

Then if you're  lucky, after 2 years of running from pillar to post you discover the simple lesson I learned that changed my story forever.

"The Money is NOT Really In The List!"

They lied to you -and I don't know why.

The money is actually in HOW YOU CONNECT with your list.

And no technology (or guru famzing) can give you that. If you like, snap picture with Jesus Christ inside Jacuzzi.


I recently saw an ad on Facebook by a guru who was talking about making N15 million from 385,000 page views. His ad expense was about $9,000 (N3 million).

Meanwhile, one of my businesses did N12 million in sales with 10,000 page views. Ad budget was only N536,000.

Point being...

If you don't know how to hypnotize your audience, you will be making far less sales than you should be making (like this guru)/.

You will be BLEEDING cash...while enriching Facebook or whatever ad platform you're using.

Unfortunately, you don't have 2...5...7 years to master this craft like I have.

In fact, unless you have the time in your hands, and no money headaches, you shouldn't even be thinking about buying a course right now.

You need money urgently, right?


Which is why I want to introduce you to a very rare opportunity.

Your Chance To Steal My Exact 8-Figure Online Business -And Pull In Up To N24,000 Per Sale On Autopilot -GUARANTEED!

  • Earn up to N24,000 per sale across funnel
  • No painful copywriting required
  • No complicated product creation required
  • No unreliable webpage hosting required. (We host it all for you)
  • No struggling with Email Copywriting/ Autoresponders (we host it all for you too)
  • No taking forever to get started.
  • No mountainous entry barrier
  • Zero experience required.
  • No customer support.
  • No payment processing

We handle everything for you.

And there's even more...

You also get to keep the list that this funnel generates. (Meaning, you can upload them to your own autoresponder later, and mail offers to them to keep making money).

Wait! What?!

That's right, my friend.

I, Waju, will let you STEAL my business from me, using all my marketing materials, making solid income from my funnel...

And I will still handle the customer support for you.

Look, okay...I know it all sounds confusing now, but let me ask you a question.

If I were to write a sales letter for you, build a funnel for you and even craft emails for you...

Do you think it would make you money?

It would, right?

Good. So here's what I'm doing...

You see, I noticed that most online failures come from newbies getting in their own way....trying to be creative (in their own eyes) and messing things up.

People fail just because obedience/following instruction is the hardest shyte known to man since Adam.

It is like choking to death in the womb being strangled by your own umbilical cord.

I figured that since Man is the problem, and most newbies are bound to screw things up somewhere along the line.

So I said to myself...

What if I handled the most important parts of your new online business...


Getting YOU
Out Of The Way...


So that money can finally flow to you through your funnel, the way it flows for me.

No, I'm not talking about creating a fresh product from scratch, or copywriting from scratch for you. (There's no time for that. You need results fast).

I'm talking about a battle-tested, N12 million funnel.

What if I gave YOU one of my funnels...a funnel that has PROVED itself in the last 9-12 months.

A funnel that has made us money with a crazy Advertising ROI.

What does N12 MILLION in testing sound like.

Would it work for you If I gave you...

  • The same squeeze page that got me the leads.

  • The same thank you page that got them thirsty.

  • The same sales page that made em buy.

  • The same 30+ emails that followed em up and ensured they bought.

Would It Work???

You bet it will -as it is working and making money for my small circle called "Team Fury".

And you know whats even better?

I'm hosting ALL the pages for you -so that nothing goes wrong.

I'm also hosting the list for you.

Basically, all you have to do is

  • Provide us your bank details

  • And give us your Facebook Pixel code (We'll show you how to get that)

  • Drive traffic to your special page that we will create for you once you join Income Fury.

Okay So, Why Am I Doing This?


I may be crazy, but we both know I'm not stupid, right?

Well, it all comes down to the “catch”.

Yea…yea… a good marketer will tell you there's no catch.

But I am not a "good" marketer. 

I don’t need to lie to you or even impress you.

Rather, I'll be upfront and tell you YES there’s a sneaky little catch (actually 3 of them – and they’re awesome for you).



I'm Just PLAIN Effin Tired Of The Lies!


Unlike gurus out there lying through their teeth, and teaching "shiny new online tactics", I'm going to just plain out tell you the ONLY (unchanging) way to breakthrough online is to...


It sets my teeth on edge watching poor newbies chasing all those gooroos with their bright shiny techniques that have em chasing their tails daily.

I'm giving YOU a complete turnkey money-maker here which will change your life, your financial future and your income forever.

I Want To Force You To Make Money.

I've sold tonnes and tonnes of courses in the past years. One thing makes me really, really sad.

Most people are still frustrated as hell -even if I am teaching them the exact same things I did. It's like in everyday life, where only 2% of people make all the money. Or in university where only 1 person gets the first-class.

I want to change that. Heck I want to friggin RIG it in your favor. I'm hoping to PERSONALLY raise 100 millionaires by Christmas.

This offer is like your examiner giving you the questions to your upcoming exams. I want to force you into the money, by removing EVERY OBSTACLE in your path -including you.



I'm Raising A Horde Of 7-Figure Marketers.

I am fed up of people coming inbox with their sob stories. I hate it. My soul despises it. 

You see...losing soon becomes a habit...a sad reality affecting far too many people around me. Heck! You almost cant enjoy a beer without someone telling you whats wrong with their world.

I strongly believe that putting my FREE lead magnet (Zero Capital ebook) in as many hands as possible, together we can at least help a few.

If you can put it in 1,000 hands as your lead magnet, I'd be the happiest person alive.

YOUR GAIN: If you get 1,000 downloads (subscribers), you stand to make at least 50 sales, making you N9,000 -PER SALE. Do the math. N450,000, Gbam!

But It's Not For Everybody...In Fact, Only 25 People Will Access This My BirthdayOpportunity.


Currently, this opportunity is only accessible through a monthly subscription of N30,000.

But it is my birthday month, so I figured I'd do some sharp guys a favor by giving them a one-time payment for lifetime access.

And thats not all...

Every member of Income Fury gets commission FOR LIFE on every sale I make for life.

For example, I have other offers going for as high as $1,000 (My forex course). Meaning that if any of your subscribers buy from me, you get paid a whopping N30,000. 

And this is your opportunity to make a ton of money off my skills.

Your opportunity to skip the sharp learning curve and go straight to making the money...even if you're a bouncing-baby-newbie in the online marketing industry.

To TASTE AND SEE That Online Works!

This is what commisions payout looks like.


Payouts are automated, and made in 24 hours by Rave.

But more important than the commissions, I'm also helping you build a hot list of hungry buyers.

Leads you can sell other things to later -on your own.

Leads that have been primed to respect and buy from you.

Trust me, if at this point you're still thinking about this, then maybe it isn't the right time for you.

Maybe you should just keep on keeping on, hoping to one day find money inthe gutter.

But For The Record, Here's What you're Going To Be Missing, Partner...


  • My squeeze page that has been converting at a whopping 47.2%...(that's one out of every 3 visitors signing up to become your lead). 

  •  You also get the exact 30-day email autoresponder series that made prospects restless and begging me not to close the offer, while they scramble frantically to pay, borrow, or steal the money.

  • Yep, yep...I'm not leaving you lonely at the Facebook ads river bank. I give you my exact FB Ad targeting and even share my custom audience with you in ads manager.

  • Once your leads are confirmed they are led to my thankyou page that builds freakin megawatts of authority, while pre-selling them on the offer to come.

  • It's no news that I am the most-feared copywriter, this side of planet Earth, it's no wonder the sales page has been making me up to N100,000 back to back, every single day! ALL PROFIT!!!

  • You have absolutely nothing to worry your little head about. Just drive traffic (again following my battle-tested guidance) and smile to the bank. GUARANTEED!

We handle ALL the customer support for you, so that everybody's happy, and there's nothing to worry about!

The Best Part? 

You Earn N9,000 
On Each Front End Sale, And Up To 
N15,000 On The Back End Webinar Sales!!!


All you need to do is drive traffic to your special affiliate link, and we will handle all the rest.

We will send them through a 30 day autoresponder sequence, crafted by yours unsentimental...

We will funnel them up to a 90-minute webinar for the backend high ticket upsell.

This funnel has been back-tested, split-tested, and battle-tested since March 2018, producing multiple millions on a a very lazy marketing budget.

This is how much we've been generating leads below:

Honestly, I am tired of talking.

People are already making money with this.

People who are paying the monthly N30,000 membership fee.

But its my birthday, so you only get to pay a one-time fee for LIFETIME ACCESS.


(Instead of N30k/Month = N360,000)

Offer closes this friday -when the counter hits zero.


  • Earn up to N24,000 per sale across funnel

  • No painful copywriting required

  • No complicated product creation required

  • No unreliable webpage hosting required. (We host it all for you)

  • No struggling with Email Copywriting/ Autoresponders (we host it all for you too)

  • No taking forever to get started.

  • No mountainous entry barrier

  • Zero experience required.

  • No customer support.

  • No payment processing

We handle everything for you.

And there's even more...

You also get to keep the list that this funnel generates. (Meaning, you can upload them to your own autoresponder later, and mail offers to them to keep making money).

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without risk using a Secure Sockets Layer Protocol.

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