This is actually from a Facebook post by Promise Ohaneje. Very valuable if you sell anything online using Facebook ads:

How I Got Facebook Customer Care To Call Me Yesterday Evening By 4:12pm And APOLOGIZE To Small Me.

If you don't read every single word in it, you risk losing over ₦250,000 in Facebook ads before the end of 2019.

I recently complained to Waju Abraham of how Facebook kept disapproving all my ads for a certain funnel of mine.

No matter what I write in the ad copy, no matter what ad creative I used, so long as it was for that specific funnel, it was almost certain it would be disapproved.

Last year alone, I lost over ₦250,000 to facebook ads. I usually load my Facebook ads account with hundreds of thousands of naira...

...then like play like play, they will just ban the ad account with all the money remaining inside.


If I write to appeal to them, they will just say something very stupid like "we don't support your kind of business" or "your ad was inappropriate"
Though not in those exact words, but same meaning sha...

If I ask them to transfer the remaining money in that ad account to another, they will tell me that they have a non-refund policy and I agreed to terms and condition when signing up.

Who the fcvk ever reads Facebook's 5000 words terms and condition during signup. NOBODY!

So why victimize me? The thing pain me sha...

This happened like 6 times last year, with 6 different ad accounts that had money in them.

When I added all the money I lost to Facebook in ad accounts that were banned, it was ₦257,400.

If I use that money to drink 3 bottles of Heineken beer everyday, it will last me for 6months+

Chai... this one touch me reach my spirit, soul and intestine.

Moving forward, I started looking for information on how never ever to get banned again.


Then I found this guy who happens to be handling over 2.5billion Naira worth of ADS yearly for his clients (yeah, billion with the big "B")..


...so there's definitely a ton of information that he must have gathered from experience.

Let's just call him Uncle James for now.

I wrote to his company in July 2018. and specified that I'll like to speak with him in person.

Two days later, I got a reply from his company concerning my proposed meeting. I was charged ₦15,000 per hour to meet with him. Lol...

Me that would have paid 100k, if that's what is required to stop my predicament.

I went in and had a 2hrs chat with Uncle James.

He gave me every resource I needed in place to make sure I never get banned on Facebook, ever again. The worst that can happen is that my ads may be just disapproved.

He gave me a certain cheat sheet containing the absolute DOs and DON'Ts of facebook advertising. I later learned from him that Facebook threatened to sue the guy that originally released the cheatsheet before it was taken down.

Then he gave me a special link to bypass all the facebook bots to chat with a real human being.

This link is only available for 4hrs in a day, during work days.

So if you try it within the remaining 20hrs of a work day, or during the weekends, it won't work.

Funny enough, it was this Uncle James that told me about Waju. And here I am, working with the Badassery himself.

So fast forward to November 2018. I created a funnel in the creative and visual arts niche.

The funnel was converting like crazy. I moved my price point from ₦18,500 to ₦35,000 and it was still converting. I moved it up again to ₦48,500 and it was still converting.

I did lots of split testing in the process, checking with headlines and squeeze page designs would convert the most for me.

The one that converted the most was one where I said something like "How To Make 100k, 200k or even 500k per Client ...Even If You Don't Have An Office"

I noticed that this was my winning sqeeze page. But after I deleted the other squeeze pages and left this one for like 5days, Facebook started disabling all my ads.

Their autoresponse system regarded my funnels as work-from-home and get-rich-quick scammy business and said they don't support such businesses.

They actually blacklisted my URL.

So it does not matter how I modify my ads to fit their rules, so long as it is carrying that URL, they still won't approve it.

I abandoned the funnel and started promoting other products online. Only for me to log into my backend just last month and saw that about 7 people signed up to pay but didn't get the payment link.

That means I also lost 7 x ₦48,500 (₦339,500) just because I abandoned a working funnel. Chai, this one pain me fah...

I decided to work on the funnel again. I spent the last one week making it better and meeting all the rules of facebook advertising.

I even consulted Waju on the ads copy to use. Of course I was certain that my account can never be banned again in this life, I just didn't want to get disapproved ads.

So I created 18 variations of my ads two nights ago and they were all in review, so I went to sleep.

I woke up yesterday morning and noticed that all 18 ads had been disapproved. WHAT NONSENSE ???

Now, you can imagine the mixture of anger and frustration I was in. I started trying to modify my ads, I deleted 6 of them and left 12.

At that point, I remembered that I had a rolodex of Facebook ads resources which I got from Uncle James.

I jumped on it and found that link to chat with a Facebook customer care. Opened the link on a browser and I got response from a human within 3mins.
I didn't even wait for her to say piim. I just gave her a full dose of my mind. She never chichumchin... Lol

I logged off as an angry customer that I am... Hehehehehe...

Four hours down the lane, all the remaining 12 ads had been approved. I can't believe it... See me being excited. 


Then I got the glorious call


It was from Facebook customer care yesterday evening to apologize for the inconvenience and also to confirm if I have seen that my ads are now running.

I was in a supermarket when I got the call, instantly I went to their drinks section and popped open a can of HERO (IPOB) beer to celebrate my small victory... Hahaha

Between then and now, I have gotten over 65 leads at ₦80 per lead... and the cost per lead is still dropping. Hopefully, it will drop to ₦20 per lead.

Now here's the real kicker...(pay attention!)

Facebook had issues yesterday, and that's why they took so much time to call me. Normally, it should have been faster.

How does this apply to you?

Imagine that facebook never comes back from a major server hit or a hack attack...

Now imagine that your only hope of getting people to visit your website is through Facebook.

Yesterday, the facebook server downtime also affected WhatsApp and Instagram. Since they are all own and managed by the same company.


"Ask yourself: What will happen to your business if Facebook goes down for about a week...a month...(God forbid) a YEAR?!!!"

It means your whole family will starve...

Or...you will just return to your 9-5 jobs...

Is that going to be the story of your life?

Waju has said it countless times that if you want to thrive in the internet marketing space, you need to own and control your own traffic.

Let me break it down...

It means that you need to find a way to pull people from a traffic source that you don't own and control (like Facebook & Instagram) into a traffic source that you own and control (Your Email List).


Such that, even if Facebook crumbles today, you will still be able to keep your business running.

Few days ago, Waju launched a new funnel where he is offering a bumpa pack on email marketing for dirt-cheap price.

It's called "Waju Abraham's Email Money Method"

He is giving you everything you need to grow a massive list of buyers even if you are currently on a bootstrapping budget.

And I learnt that he will soon be closing that offer.

So if you are here and you are still on the fence, thinking whether to take him up on the offer or not, I want to help you make a decision now.

If you get "Waju Abraham's Email Money Method" within the next 48hrs, I will give you something you wished you had all along.

I will give all the resources I got from Uncle James that I paid ₦15,000 per hour for 2hrs.


I will also record a video teaching everything I learnt within that 2hrs. I said EVERYTHING...

No stone will be left unturned. I promise you that.

NOTE: This offer of mine will not be available anywhere else, except for "Waju Abraham's Email Money Method"

And if you don't jump on it within 48hrs, you also don't get it.

The only way you can get this information is if you spend ₦2.5billion per year in Facebook ads.

...or if you go through the process I went through by losing ₦257,400 in ads account funds + 6 banned ads account.

Then you pay the 15k per hour consulting fee.

Or you could just be smart and buy "Waju Abraham's Email Money Method" within the next 48hrs for just ₦16,999.

If you have already bought the "Waju Abraham's Email Money Method" this week before now, don't worry you also qualify.

Just contact support on 07030700332 and she will sort you out once I send the resources.

The direct link to pay for the "Waju Abraham's Email Money Method" is below. 

Oya bite that link now, let's enjoy this online money together.


Promise Ohaneje

PS: This message is strictly unsolicited. I make no kobo from this Waju Abraham promotion. Its strictly about how much I believe in the offer and how Email Meth has helped me.

PPS: Also, I hear Waju is raising the price to N25,000 soon. So grab it while itsstill N16,000 NOW

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