"Forget IELTS! Here's What Sharp Folks Are Doing To JAAPA In 2021"

(Shhh...Even If You Failed IELTS Woefully or YOU DON'T HAVE IELTS AT ALL,  Here are TOP SECRET Hacks to get your Canadian, Australian, Uk, or Denmark visas in 6 months...

Here are few of the wise people who have used the hacks to japa...

Look at it this way...

I've been using recommended glasses for 15 years, and I have come to discover something.

Those who use glasses all have one thing in common.

They love to read.

If they didn't love reading, they would never have known that they had eye problem.

The same thing with jaapa-ing...

You will never have a thought to leave until you have a dream that's bigger than your present levels of "comfort".

For me, I was tired of all my proposals for contracts being stolen by politicians.

Not one...not two...not 5 proposals.

BIG proposals worth hundreds of millions of Naira.

Do you know what it takes to have such ideas???

I would fall sick after they failed because I put all my energy into it.

Meanwhile, civil servants would be demanding bribes from me.

I even paid for olosho for one man like that...

In the end, they chop my money and failed.

Here's the point...

You can't have a real dream that is clear, and you love it, and you want to pend it because you're investing your faith in a nation thats not ready to fix itself.

Unless you are part of those ruining the country, you should get out before it gets worse.

That is why I got a visa for myself out of this country and I have been helping others to japa for the past 6 years with a 100% success rate

I have combined all the hacks I use to help people japa abroad into a single framework which I called the "24 GATES JAPA FRAMEWORK"

You can follow this framework to relocate abroad with your family in less than 6 months (Some routes take just 10 days to process) with my full guidance and hands-on mentoring.



  • 6 no-fail hacks for getting a Canadian permanent residence without IELTS
  • 5 Guaranteed hacks for getting a UK visa in 4 months or less (you can get all your immigration costs covered by the UK government.
  • 5 Sure hacks for getting an Australian visa
  • 6 Certain hacks to japa to Denmark
  • A secret hack for getting a well-paying job abroad ahead of your relocation (some employers can even pay for your flight ticket)
  • 2 Bonus hacks for getting a guaranteed Schengen visa (a visa that gives you access to most of Europe) with a work permit.
  • My devoted support and guidance till your visa is approved.
  • A simple method of overcoming the "proof of funds" wahala.
  • A bonus hack for getting a Spanish visa in 30 days or less with 100% Guarantee
  • A bonus hack for studying in the best schools abroad on loan without having 1 kobo in your bank account (I charge 400k for this normally)

It is common knowledge that immigrants often have to do hardwork overseas (even though they still earn more than a commissioner of police in Nigeria). This is usually because they lack high-demand skills.

To help our japa students escape this inconvenience, My partner (Seyi Bryta) has decided to add a special bonus to the framework:


He will train the first 10 people to get the framework for free and give them all the tools they need to make a killing from digital marketing and forex trading while living abroad- WITHOUT having to hustle like ordinary immigrants.

You will start making a ton of mullah with this powerful bonus (worth 200,000 Naira) even before japa-ing from this country.

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