Get Instant Access To The Most Profitable Mentorship Program In Nigeria -Hands Down!

Lets Face It!

For some strange reason...Online Courses don't work.

If you've ever bought a course from a guru, you know for certain buying a course is no guarantee of online success.

How many courses have you bought in the last 12-24 months?


I bought countless -even courses from oyibo gurus promising miracles. yet no results.

To their credit, these guys were legit successful in real life, but for some strange reason, their courses always left me more confused than focused.

If you have ever failed at online marketing, you're not alone. MANY, many people failed.

9 out of 10 people who start out online ended up going back to their day jobs.

I've borrowed money from siblings, gfs, -even my stingy mom, promising to pay her back IF...

Yet, nothing came of it.

Why These Failures? 

Trust me, it is not "village people".

It isn't laziness either. Walahi. The average Nigerian is a hardworking monster.

But I think I know a thing or two about why this happens all the time, no matter how hard we pray.

Look at world champions all over the world...

They all have something in common.

A Coach.

Someone to hold their hands and lead them through the many pitfalls of the game.

Not just to guide them to success...

But to help them navigate their way out of certain failure.

Because...Everything Sucks In The Beginning.

And if you're not prepared to fail at first, better not to even try.

Hug your job tighter than your spouse and pray the day never comes when they take it from you.

Anyhoo...the key is, to win big, you gotta get a coach.

From Venus Williams, To Serena, To Tiger Woods....

They all had coaches.

Talk about Anthony Joshua.

Nobody knew him UNTIL he could afford a coach.

A coachless destiny is an obscure destiny.

No prayer...no hustle...no determination can change it.

This is why I am no longer selling courses since 2018.

They just make you rich at the expense of your students.

I can't live with that. Its just not me.

This is WHY I am giving you all my recorded courses for FREE.

  • My FB Ads Course

  • My Lead Generation Course

  • My Page Design course

  • My Product Development Guide (along with 30+ ready made products you can tweak and sell as your own, keeping all the profits)

  • And a whole motherload of goodies to speed you to success.

Let me break it down for you...


25 of the hottest selling products on the internet you can sell in your name and keep all the profit.


25 powerful sales letters for each product that will have people opening their wallets and begging you to sell to them, before you can even say "Jack Robinson".


25 magnetic LIST BUILDERS that have people giving you their real emails (because that's where the money is. Most broke marketers keep selling upfront, but not you).


Killer Email sequences that seduce your subscribers and have them warmed up to you like fine girls to Davido.


A free domain name plus ONE YEAR web hosting where you can place all your sales pages and start selling immediately. Worth N12,500.


My personal drag and drop pagebuilder software that lets you create pages like this -YES! Like this very one! (Presently being sold for $67 online).


Spanking New Email Autoresponder for blasting out emails to your subscribers. No monthly fees. Unlimited subscribers.


10-part video training guiding you all the way, step by step.

All These Absolutely FREE! 

-But There's One Problem However...

It wasn't until I could clear my head, and find a mentor to HOLD MY HAND that I began to develop the balls to implement all I had learned, and make money too.

All these years, I already knew what to do...

In fact, I "overknew" what info marketing was about...

I even had goods to sell...

But I was stuck in complexities.

I was scared.

And my fear had me chasing my tail -instead of making money.

Until I found a mentor.

He didn't really teach me anything "new".

Just the consciousness of someone I could reach out to If I ever faced a problem.

Thats what did it for me.

And soon I went from being a Civil Servant earning N40k (after deductions)...

To earning multiple millions in 30 days.

So thats why I have refused to "just" sell these 25 products for any amount, even though they are worth millions.

Rather, I am inviting you to invest in yourself by joining my underground marketing society...


The Cult Of Salescraft

This is my underground society of marketers.

Inside there, I provide my members 12-months of guidance on selling stuff online and making a boatload of cash from it.

But the first thing we do is take you through a mind-hack process where we exorcise you from every poverty-inducing mentality, so you can finally make money with the power of when fire meets petrol.

You remember I said most people will never be rich, because of the power of bad ideas about money ruling them? We address that too.

Next, you have the priviledge of mixing with like (serious) minds. 

You've probably heard it said that you can never be richer than the average of 4 people you mix with the most. 

Inside The Cult of Salescraft, you enter a community of self-invested people who are ready to win.

There is not one freebie-seeking bone inside there. All are paid members, so you can expect a white-hot level of seriousness inside the group.

You have a group of people who have faced whatever problems you can face, and you never have to feel stupid to ask a question.

You have a family -raised to the power of cult.

This is your passport to getting these 25 hot products for sale.

You wannit???

Member Testimonial


This is not a miracle-working class.

For once, I agree with Buhari.

Most people are lazy AF. Not lazy, lazy. 

Most people prefer working hard on the wrong things.

And then when they find the right things, they just wanna sit, do nothing, and have money dropping in their laps because "they have suffered before".

NO. This is not a place where life rewards you for how strongly life has dealt with you.

This is where you get your shit together, so you can finally start getting the kind of results you DESIRE.

And the proof of desire is pursuit.

If you're not ready to put in the effort to PURSUE your DESIRES, this is not for you.

I am committed to ensuring these products do NOT get into the hands of lazy people who will not sell them so they can make a ton of money.

This admission season will therefore be limited to the next few days only.

The investment is N30,000 -flat.

This guy below joined just last week (13th February, 2019)



(We launched at N25,000 in 2018. I keep raising the fee because I want to keep lazy people who don't believe in themselves OUT. I'll probably raise it again soon)

That's like paying N1,000 for each of my hot-selling digital products.

If all you get from this is the free website -and a single product, you can still tell poverty to bounce!

90 million Nigerians have internet access. 100 people cannot certainly oversaturate the market.

In fact, you only need 1,000 sales to make N7,000,000-N10,000,000 from this mega pack.

Can you do that in a year? Just 1,000...

Think about it. 

That's like 3 per day (and I will show you how inside my private facebook group)

But even if all you sell in a year is 100 copies and you generate N700,000 (which means you're lazy), you'd still be making more than 20 times your one-time investment...PLUS, you can keep your web hosting forever.

Alright! Your time starts now.

After 100 copies are gone, if you try to pay, this is what you'll see...

***Sorry, this offer has expired***

But God forbid.

You're not sworn to poverty.

You're passionate.

You're hungry.

You're ready to get all your power back.

This is your time. This is your moment. 

As you can see, there is no timer for urgency tactics here. No hard-sell of any sort. You either see the immense opportunity here, or you don't.

However, once the positions are gone, they're gone.

Click the link below to lock in your price right now before it rises.


See you inside.



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