"YES! I'm Giving You 50 Hot-Selling Battle-Tested Digital Products You Can Sell Online -PLUS A YEAR DOMAIN AND HOSTING (Worth N12,500)...And You KEEP ALL THE FUGGIN PROFIT!"

It doesn't get any better than this for launching your own 7-figure business.


This Exclusive Information isn't for everyone...

Heck, it isn't even for most people.

Because most people aren't meant to be millionaires in life... it is just not in their belief system. They are so scared of money and insecure that they commit “dream-suicide” whenever they get close to something that will truly make them successful. 

They just do something stupid...they procrastinate...they deny it's real...even though deep down they know they're wrong. And nope, it's not village anything. They're just not meant to be rich.

You'll only get to see this page once, forever. If you pass on this, you'll likely never get it again at this extreme discount that is only available from this page, as one of my subscribers.

ALSO...This is a long letter... Only the most serious people will even read it... (If That's You... Read Every Word Carefully, Because You'll Gain Priceless money-making Insight Just By Reading it!)

"You Are About To Learn The Single, Proven SECRET That Has Generated Millions Of Naira For Me (A Former Civil Servant)... And How You Can Become The Next Internet Millionaire Starting Today!"

Before You Shout "SCAM!"

Here Are A Few Students Who Have Got Mindblowing Results With My Method!

And This Table-Shaker... $15,620 In 35 Days!

Here's Whats Up!

I'm going to give you the complete blueprints I followed that helped me reach and surpass N100,000 per day online -working just 30 minutes to 60 minutes daily.

This is not some flash in the pan though. I've been able to replicate it with my most serious students.

Here's What Ordinary Nigerians Like You Are Saying -While Dancing To The Bank Daily...

So Who's Waju Abraham -And Why Is He Saying These Things?!

Saturday, November 21st, 2020

From the desk of: Waju Abraham

To: YOU…(IF you've ever dreamed of having more income and the freedom to FINALLY make your own choices)
Dear friend and fellow-traveller,

Okay, okay....I know what you're thinking!

You're saying "It can't be that easy", right?

Well, I certainly didn't start this way. Aside my discovery, I'm just an ordinary guy like you, if you have dreams.

I was born in an average Nigerian home. My dad is a Medical Doctor and my mum was a civil servant before she retired.

I had a mostly great childhood. Played table soccer, wore rubber sandals, and got into trouble a lot.

But I was a stammerer. A very bad one.

Unable to speak, I became reserved.

And when I was bullied, I cried...but I couldn't report it. It happened right up till university, when cult boys would harass me to join them.

My siblings always got what they wanted from mum and dad. Even when they said NO, my brother would keep on asking and get it.

But me...I lacked the ability to talk for long. I asked once, and then cried when they said no. I ended up getting hand me downs.

Dad made me wear safari (conductor) suits and formal (court) shoes while my brothers wore Le Coq sneakers and Levi jeans. I couldn't say no.
That's When It Began To Occur To Me That I Needed Another Form Of POWER Besides Words..
I needed the power to make my own decisions.
To have my way in life too, like other normal people.

I tried violence and temper tantrums in primary school...but it didn't pay me. (Na so so cane I chop)

I soon discovered from the movies that this power was all about money.

I didn't know it wasn't going to be so easy.

At age 9, I managed to save N30.00 in 12 months and bought a yellow transistor radio -because I wanted it. 

It felt good!

“Ah...This is the life” I thought.

Then one day, Mum and Dad found out about the radio, and they seized it. I guess they were shocked and embarrassed by my early independence before 10.

It hurt me so bad, and to be honest, I've NEVER been able to save again...till date.

So saving money as a way to get power was out for me.

(TIP: As I grew older wiser, I learnt from my mentors that it is poor people who save money -and then the RICH come to borrow it for their businesses.

The poor save because they have more money than their mental capacity. The rich take loans because they have more ideas than financial resources.

In other words, it is the poor who make the rich, truly RICH.)

Anyhoo...I digress.

My point is, if you can't beg because you stammer, and you can't save because of trauma, you're in a deep, deep, hole.

In short, just forget...
You're D.E.A.D 
Without Power!

So I suffered right into my 20s with this condition. I couldn't even ask a girl out. And worse still, I didn't have money to buy love.

It was horrifying, and friends made fun of me all year long.

Then I read a book by Zig Ziglar when I was 24. He said something that made my world scatter.
Wow! That was it, because I wanted a whole lot of things I'd been denied growing up.

Above all, I wanted to make my own choices.

Before this, Dad had forced me into Medical School because he wanted me to be like him. (Or I should be ready to pay my own school fees if I refused)

I ran away from home.

That year, I had my first Christmas away from home. I was broke, hungry, and all alone, but at least it was my choice.

Eventually I couldn't bear it any more, so I came back to accept his terms.

I Promised Myself I'd Find A Way Out Fast.

Turns out, I was kicked out of medical school in second year.

I was transferred into Biochemistry department without the school asking my opinion. (Again, lack of power)

It was at that time that I discovered Zig Ziglars principle.

As narrated in my book, that's when I discovered bulk SMS business in its early days. I made good money from it, starting with zero. (Make sure you read my full story in my book)

I later started a computer sales business, followed by trading stocks and forex.

I even ventured into government contracts.

By 2007, I was a millionaire. We pulled in about N6,400,000.

I could finally make my own choices!

I was 27.

I refused to do my NYSC, even though my dad was always pestering me to do it. He wanted me to go back to medicine. I said no. I rented a whole floor in a high rise building, and hired staff. 
I even got married and had a son.

I'd finally found power.

Sadly, 2 years later due to a series of unfortunate events, I was broke again.

My wife left me and took off with our son in 2011.

Depressed, and without power, it wasn't hard for my Dad to convince me to take a job. So, I became a civil servant earning 100k per Month.

At this time, it was already clear to me why I went broke.

All my previous businesses only provided seasonal income.

Seasonal Income = Seasonal Power

...And Perpetual Income = Perpetual Power.

I needed a predictable and reliable way to make money -daily. 

One that won't require too much work like hauling computers, or writing proposals till my eyes hurt...or worse still, kissing the ass of corrupt government officials.

That's when I discovered information marketing.

Look...I'm not talking about those guys hawking books in motor parks, or traffic.

I'm not even talking about those broke hustlers who peddle N1,000 ebooks on Facebook, making 70-100k a month (civil service salary).

(Now, I'm not making fun of anyone here. At least it's better than stealing or lazing around.)

But this method I found was different.

A lot of people like to think the market is bloated. On the contrary, it just keeps getting bigger.

I invested heavily from my civil servant salary into learning how it works, until I knew I'd gained something. I moved to a friend's house because I could no longer feed myself.

First of all, instead of hawking my goods, I simply built a list, and then I sold to them.

All it took me was to work 30-45 minutes a day. Can you believe that?

Well, you can't argue with proofs.
0-$12k in 30 days!
Commission Hero $1k/day Achievement Award 2019

And This...

And This...

And This...(NOTE THE DATES).

Just imagine waking up to alerts like this.

-Imagine 12X ROI in 7 days 

(Without the painful drama of ponzi scams, and wishy-washy MLM programs)

Alerts, Coming In Like "Skrrrryaaa!"...(Most Nigerians ONLY Get Credit Alerts Once A Month!) 

I know by now you're wondering what kind of products I sell.

Or if you're the suspicious type, you're like "Oya now, he's going to sell me an ebook on how to sell ebooks..."

Dead Wrong!

I have no plan to sell you any "how to" ebook.

Because I've been where you are.

Like you, I've bought many "how to" ebook and videos, and I still didn't create one thing. 

And when I drove myself with all my strength, it still took me 6 months to finish a product...

Only to advertise it, and it didn't sell a dime.

Because, Let's Face It. Product Creation Is Hard! 
If it weren't, everybody claiming to be into internet marketing would be rich and travelling out on vacation 

(or what's the use of making money if you can't take a decent vacation whenever the hell you want???)
Disneyland, Orlando.
Makes no sense, right?

Even if you had to hire somebody on Fiverr to create the product for you at $500 (just the product), you'd still battle with 

- Self-doubt, 

- Analysis-paralysis (aaaaargh!), and 

- Impostor syndrome (when you suddenly feel like a fake in the presence of gurus.)

Let's not even talk about how hard it is to create a sales page that gets people to open their hearts, and wallets to you like a Pentecostal preacher.

Trust me, it's almost impossible to make it selling info products if you're a newbie from nowhere with people commenting in your fb ads, calling you a scam.

That kind of shii can make a grown man cry!

But What If I Could DASH You One Of My Bestselling Products To Sell As Your Own And Keep 100% Of The Profit... 

Would you GRAB it?

Because I've been there, and I've done that. I've had huge successes and big flops too.

Dammit, I know what works!

And I've gone way beyond information products and I now consult for big international marketers...and charge heavily for my work.
But let's not talk about money yet. 

For now, I want to make you an offer so generous, you'd need to be Brain-dead to miss out on it.
  • Let's say I gave you one of my products (just one), and I didn't stop there...
  • Let's say I also gave you the exact salespage that I've been using to sell this same product for N7,000 a pop.
  • Let's also say I gave you the exact super-charged list builder I used to build my list...
  • As well as the exact email sequence I used to warm up my prospects so they respect and believe me.
And IF all you needed to do was drive traffic from Facebook and naija blogs...(there's 19 million active Nigerians on Facebook daily)

Say you're managing to sell only 7-10 copies of this product DAILY and keep all the profit. That's like 70k per day, right?

Or let's say you're plain lazy, and you only manage to sell 3-5 copies daily. 
That's 35k per day, right?

And if hopefully you're not an idiot, and you reinvest that initial profit and spend it on Facebook ads, so you can sell even more copies.

How Will Earning An Extra N100,000 PER WEEK Change Your Life?

Now, I am not making any promises here...

This is not one of those "magic button" offers that promise to work even if you spend the day watching TV with your hands in your dirty underwear.

NEWSFLASH! There's no magic button anywhere...(and if you believe there's one, then you are an idiot and you deserve to be scammed.)

This will take some work -but not as much as you are used to in your regular life.

It's all about if you can put in the effort ...I'm talking about effort so small, you'd feel lazy to be making so much money with so little effort.

Still, it requires your effort. 

And if you're not ready to put in the shikini effort, then this is not for you. In fact CLOSE THIS PAGE RIGHT NOW.

This is no stale gist, padawan...

We still rockin LIVE till date!!!

How Will N100,000 DAILY Change Your Life?

Would you get a new apartment in a new neighbourhood?

Would you take a vacation?

Would you buy a new car?

Well...It doesn't matter what you want to do anyway, because all this profit is Yours!

Now what if I gave you 10, 15...even 25 such ready-made products. Complete with sales pages, list builders, email sequence.

And on top of it, what if I gave you your own brand new domain name PLUS website hosting worth N12,500 so you can have your own personal website.

Would you be excited or what?!

Think of it as your own tiny little online empire, pulling in cold, hard cash for you day and night.

And that's not all, I also give you step by step videos on how to configure everything with your name on it.

Would ANYTHING Still Stop You From Making 500k To 1 Million Per Month?

Well, maybe laziness. Lol

FACT: The only thing that can stop you is if you've fallen in love with your poverty chains.

Or you've grown accustomed to suffering and smiling.

Or maybe you don't want to lose your old broke friends, because to be honest, most people stay poor because they roll with other poor people, and they're scared people will gossip about them when they're rich and don't have time for idle talk anymore.

If this is you, then please stop reading and close this page right now. I can't help you.

But if you're ready to finally take responsibility for your life and dreams, and stop blaming who didn't help you in the past, then keep reading.

Because this could be the information that changes your life for ever.

Why do I say this?

You see, I've been there too...

When I was a civil servant, I rolled with civil servants and our life was simple. Go to work, close before time, and then go drink beer on credit until night.

By payday, we had no joy because all our salary already belonged to somebody else.

Yet, when it was time to take action, I was stuck because I didn't want to be "missing in action" among my friends. 

Don't be like this.

I didn't want them to start thinking I was proud, because they would. We'd gossiped together about many people who got serious in the past. And now, I was afraid.

But one day, I bit the bullet and said "TODAY NA TODAY".

I started to build my business, and by 2016, I was able to my job quit without even dropping a resignation letter.

It's Called Power, My Friend...

You're beginning to see my point now, aren't you?

I finally had power.

This is not just about making money.

It's about having power.

Power to choose how your life (and that of your loved ones) turn out.

Power to choose what to eat, where to eat.

Power to even wake when you want, because you already have a machine making you money even at 2am in the night!

Today, I've gone ahead and built one of the most feared reputations as a consultant charging 7 figures for my work.

It's about freedom.

Do you want this kind of freedom?

If this was real and legit...How much EXTRA income would you like to make per month?

Are You Ready To Bring This Power Back Into Your Life?

Again, here's what I am giving you...for FREE! (I'll tell you why you get it FREE in a bit)


50 of the hottest selling products on the internet you can sell in your name and keep all the profit.

These are hot selling products from all the best selling niches. 

-Make Money Online, 

-Personal Development, 

-Health/Fitness and 



50 powerful sales letters for each product that will have people opening their wallets and begging you to sell to them, before you can even say "Jack Robinson".


50 magnetic LIST BUILDERS that have people giving you their real emails (because that's where the money is. Most broke marketers keep selling upfront, but not you)


25 email sequences that seduce your subscribers and have them warmed up to you like fine girls to Davido.


A free domain name plus ONE YEAR web hosting where you can place all your sales pages and start selling immediately. Worth N12,500


My BEST drag and drop pagebuilder software that lets you create pages like this -YES! Like this very one! (Presently being sold for $97 online)


A $25 email service voucher where you can set up your email auto responder.


10-part video training guiding you all the way, step by step.


90 days of mentorship and follow-up in my private Facebook group with other sharp movers like you. (I currently charge N50,000 per hour to give business advice)

Think About It...

It costs $500 to hire a freelancer on Fiverr to create just one product like this for you (without the sales page, email sequence, list builders)

That's like 365 x 500 = N182,500… (just one product)

Let's not even factor the domain name and web hosting (useless naija hosting firms charge N8,500 for this. But you are getting unhackable and LIGHTNING-FAST US servers)

Let's calculate it?

$500 in 25 places is what? $12,500. 

That's A Whopping N4,562,500 -Just For The Information Products Alone... (See why I said it is hard?!)

But what I'm going to do for you is going to be so mind blowing, I can see you dancing when I finally tell you.

I want to give it to you virtually free.

I say "virtually" for 3 reasons.

1. Even though it will feel like free for its value, we both know nothing is free. Not even salvation. Free is an illusion. Somebody has paid.

2. Free is bad. It is a sin in fact. Our independence as a nation was free. Im sure you will agree the effects of free things are so very obvious -and negative.

3. Only lazy and useless people love free. (I say this without fuckin apology). You give free food at your wedding, and they will still complain that they got "only 2 meat". I don't want these kind of people in my life. EVER!

As a result, I'm going to scare away the lazy, no-future-ambition folks by requiring a tiny investment on your part.

After all, we all paid heavily through our noses for university education, yet no good job, right?

But THIS...will make sure you never need a 9-5 again -if you do it right.

There's One Problem However...

I discovered the problem is not finding what to sell -especially if you have never sold online before -pr if you have struggled for years to make sales online.

Personally, I bought courses for years...

And created countless products I never sold...

Because FEAR...self-doubt...demons in my head screaming failure...

It wasn't until I could clear my head, and find a mentor to HOLD MY HAND that I began to develop the balls to implement all I had learned, and make money too.

All this while, I already knew what to do...

In fact, I "overknew" what info marketing was about...

I even had goods to sell...

But I was stuck in complexities.

I was scared.

And my fear had me chasing my tail -instead of making money.

Until I found a mentor.

So thats why I have refused to "just" sell these 25 products for any amount, even though they are worth millions.

Rather, I am inviting you to invest in yourself by joining my underground marketing society...

The Cult Of Salescraft 

This is my underground society of marketers.

Inside there, I provide my members 12-months of guidance on selling stuff online and making a boatload of cash from it.

But the first thing we do is take you through a mind-hack process where we exorcise you from every poverty-inducing mentality, so you can finally make money with the power of when fire meets petrol.

You remember I said most people will never be rich, because of the power of bad ideas about money ruling them? We address that too.

Next, you have the priviledge of mixing with like (serious) minds. 

You've probably heard it said that you can never be richer than the average of 4 people you mix with the most. 

Inside The Cult of Salescraft, you enter a community of self-invested people who are ready to win.

There is not one freebie-seeking bone inside there. All are paid members, so you can expect a white-hot level of seriousness inside the group.

You have a group of people who have faced whatever problems you can face, and you never have to feel stupid to ask a question.

You have a family -raised to the power of cult.

This is your passport to getting these 25 hot products for sale.

You wannit???

Member Testimonial
(Shhhh...She joined April, 2018)

What You Get Inside The Cult Of Salescraft 
(Beside 25 Hot Products).

List Building On Steroids

One common reason almost nobody makes money online is they just hawk and hawk all over Social Media like a friggin Gala seller -until frustrated, they say "it doesn't work joor"

I'll show you how I follow a different method and instead of hawking, I simply build a list of my hottest prospects, so I can sell to them again and again using email. It works in EVERY niche.
Explosive Facebook Ads Secrets 

I can't shout!

Just check out the screenshots below:
One More Thing...

These are tested products I have personally sold for a minimum of N7,500 each (videos are between 10k-25k)...

And I've made (and still make) a killing selling them.

And also because I'm personally investing in this by buying you free web hosting with my own money...

I'm bold enough to tell you there will be no refunds on this whatsoever.

You're either in or out.

I've been in this business long enough to know that some idiots will still ask for refund on the blood of Jesus -if they get the chance. Thankfully, there's none.

This is only for the serious, the ready and the dedicated.

I've made a lot of money doing this, and you can too -even if you finished with 3rd class in university like me.

Are you ready?
Another Thing Is...
I don't want too many people getting their hands on these products. 

I am committed to ensuring these products do NOT get into the hands of lazy people who will not sell them so they can make a ton of money.

This edition will therefore be limited to the next 50 people only.

The investment is N30,000 -flat.

(We launched at N25,000 this year. I keep raising the fee because I want to keep lazy people who don't believe in themselves OUT. I'll probably raise it again soon)

That's like paying N1,000 for each of my hot-selling digital products.

If all you get from this is the free website -and a single product, you can still tell poverty to bounce!

90 million Nigerians have internet access. 100 people cannot certainly oversaturate the market.

In fact, you only need 1,000 sales to make N7,000,000-N10,000,000 from this mega pack.

Can you do that in a year? Just 1,000...

Think about it. 

That's like 3 per day (and I will show you how inside my private facebook group)

But even if all you sell in a year is 100 copies and you generate N700,000 (which means you're lazy), you'd still be making more than 20 times your one-time investment...PLUS, you can keep your web hosting forever.

Alright! Your time starts now.

After 100 copies are gone, if you try to pay, this is what you'll see...

***Sorry, this offer has expired***

But God forbid.

You're not sworn to poverty.

You're passionate.

You're hungry.

You're ready to get all your power back.

This is your time. This is your moment. 

As you can see, there is no timer for urgency tactics here. No hard-sell of any sort. You either see the immense opportunity here, or you don't.

However, once the positions are gone, they're gone.

Click the link below to lock in your price right now before it rises.
Once payment is successful, you will be redirected to the members area where you can access your downloadable materials and the underground group of Nigeria's most badass marketers.
Should you experience any issues, you can contact our support team on 08079456442.

Cheers, and err...see you inside!

Waju Abraham

Some Commonly Asked Questions

  • What niches are the products going to be from?
    You get from all the best selling niches. Make Money Online, Personal Development, Health/Fitness and Relationships. You can't go wrong on these!

  • But I'm not an expert. Won't I be faking all these? 
    Lol. Is the manager of your university bookshop fake for selling medical books? After all he's not a doctor. The way I see it, those who matter won't mind, and those who mind don't matter. Your target customers are too eager to solve their problem to be asking you silly questions.

  • I'm new to all this. How will I set it up so I can sell? 
    I've included step by step tutorial videos to guide you. Besides my concierge team will always be available to answer your questions.

  • How fast will I recover my investment? 
    Recovering your investment is actually too small to be a goal. If you're aiming higher, then we can tell you some people will make 8 figures from this in the next 12 months. Others will do 7 figures. Most will do 6 figures. It's all dependent on how geared up you are to get your results.

  • Is there any other hidden cost here? 
    We've made this so simple that you only need focus on one thing. Traffic. We've also inserted a report of the biggest traffic sources available online to choose from.

  • Can I choose the products I want to pay for? 
    No. If you don't trust my judgement, there's no reason to give me your money anyway.

Disclaimer: Due to some of the FTC guidelines and being a compliant Direct Response Advertiser, some of the sales figures and/or claims stated above, including any case studies, are those of my own personal sales figures and/or those of some of my clients, who have substantiated and verified their own financial numbers, through 3rd party merchant accounts and their own financial teams. Please understand that my results, or those of my team, clients and students, are not typical, and in no way am I implying that you will duplicate them (or make any money for that matter.) I have the benefit of practicing direct response marketing and advertising since 2010 and have an established, large social media and social networking following, as a result. The average person who joins any business, or buys any 'How To' information, gets little to no results. I'm using these references and/or case studies, for example purposes only and to show people that the only people in general who actually succeed are the people who spend years mastering their craft. Just like going to a university to master a trade, you have to put in the work, the time, the sacrifice. You may experience pain, frustration and even loss, before you get any type of results. Therefore your results will vary and depend upon many factors... Including, but not limited to your background, experience, dedication and work ethic. All business entails substantial risk, as well as massive and consistent action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT JOIN THIS PROGRAM. 

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