"Can An Ordinary Nigerian 
Become An OVERNIGHT Forex Millionaire In 2020?"

Sadly...The Opposite Is True For MOST Traders As They End Up Being Raped Painfully By The Market In Gangnam Style.

But... what if there is a secret pathway to forex trading breakthroughs - that nobody is talking about?

Won't you want to hear about it?

As we proceed, I promise that

...If you will read every word I say in this letter to the end...

 And follow what I will tell you to do..


 You will never have money worries - ever again - for the rest of your life.

 That might sound like a stretch.

 I agree.

 But amazingly, that is what is going to happen to you.

However, my lawyer tells me it is illegal to make promises based on past results, so I take that back.

As I was saying...

 All you have to do is read this letter from start to finish.

 And follow what I will tell you to do.

 Trust me..

 I promise you.

 You will discover how to make millions trading forex.

However, this letter is not a short one.

 It is very detailed.

 So if you are the type of person that can't spend three short minutes to read something that could deliver rare life changing treasures into your lap...

Then You’re Going to


Because this letter can  show you how to print out money from your phone.

 I mean it.

 So my candid advice?

 READ every word of it.

 Trust me.

 This was what cured all my money worries permanently.

Hello I am Waju Abraham.

 But my students call me the God of Forex. And maybe they're right.

After all, God being GOD, we still have occasional earthquakes.

So before you ask...

YES, I have had losses.

In fact, in 2019 I made a total of 5 wrong calls in trading. And people lost money.

But Think About It...

5 wrong signals in 365 days.

Most of the world best gurus I know make at least one wrong call PER WEEK. Thats 52 wrong calls minimum per year.

Now, you begin to understand why they STILL call me "God of Forex".

What am I doing differently? How do I do it?

I promise I'll answer this question in a bit, but first I have an ugly confession...

 I don't quite like that nickname.

 It gives me a weird feeling.

 It brings to mind, names of scary african deities.

 Such as...

 Sango the god of thunder

 Ogun the god of iron


Ayelala and her friends. 

So whenever they call me the god of forex...

… I would whisper in my mind;

"I cover myself with the blood of Jesus"

I would have preferred if they called me “Waju the cheerful giver.”

Because that is what I am really about...

“I Give my Students..

Life-Changing Forex

Trading Advice that

Delivers PROFIT Every

Single TIME”

That was why they nicknamed me the god of forex 


Waju is a simple  family man, a father of two lovely kids.

And I still shudder when they call me "god of forex". Make thunder no fire me. Lol

I only consider myself “favoured” to have been blessed with a  precision forex trading IQ that has made both my friends, family and students financially free.


Enough about me for now.

First, let's address the big elephant in the room .


How did you feel..

When you saw that big headline above?

I mean the one that talked about:

"How You Can Become an

Overnight Millionaire by

Trading Forex With

 a God-like precision". . .

Did it sound unbelievable to you in any way?

Well, It should.

I expected it to.

So if it did, then that's perfectly fine.

Because 12 years ago, I would have felt exactly the same way , if I had seen such a headline.


Before you disbelieve it, why not give me the opportunity to properly explain how this can be possible for anyone ( You , your friends and family)

They say smart people don't jump into conclusions, without first knowing all the FACTS.

In three short minutes, you will have all the facts you need.

Trust me.


Forex Trading Will Make


Trust me.

It is true.

Under my watch...

...My students have become millionaires.

I have so much PROOFs to show you.

And soon, you will see them.



Let's be clear:

Not everyone is blessed with the Fx trading skills for multiplying hundreds into thousands and thousands into millions, overnight.

That Kind of ELITE 

Trading Skill

is Rare 

Only a tiny few are blessed with it.

The mass majority of forex traders are living in the realms of TRIAL and ERROR.

Forex is a gambler's game - that's what all ignorant fx traders will tell you.

And that is because their trading methods are obsolete, ineffective and dangerous.

But It is not their fault.

They Are Just Victims of The Deceptive Information They Received from Older Traders Who Didn't Know Any Better.

By the time they realise that they have been trading the wrong way all along, it is always too late.

And their investments had sunk eternally  into oblivion, never to be seen again.


My students on the other hand are enjoying an uninterrupted forex trading bliss.

And it’s because...

I teach my students a sweet, painless way to trade forex...

I Teach Them..An ELITE

Way of Trading Forex

That Delivers Profits

Every Single Time.

But, If this is  REALLY possible, THEN why do so many people fail in forex trading?

Well, Look at it This Way :

Whatever we do in life, there are going to be some form of risks, right?

Whether it is picking...

  • The right life partner.
  • The best school to attend.
  • The best area to live.
  • Or even the best car to buy.

The risks of making the wrong choice is HIGH , when ignorance is HIGH.


Let's take Marriage for Instance:

The less you know about your future life partner before marriage, the higher the RISK that the marriage won't work out — in MOST cases.

However, couples who have taken the time to know and understand themselves...

.. and have developed  “shared core values” before  marriage, have significantly lower risks of failing in marriage.

I mean, this is plain common sense, right?

Here’s More Insight:

If you invest in a business you know nothing about — or started  a business based on wrong information, you will surely run into trouble sooner or later.


Well, it is due to the fact that..

 Ignorance = Risk.


High ignorance = High risk


Zero ignorance = Zero risk

This “ignorance—equals—risk” analysis is even more evident when it comes to...


{ Waju  trades forex with zero ignorance }


Too many people fail in forex trading  because they are “highly ignorant..” of what truly works.

Which makes  their “risk” dangerously “high.”

They end up shattering their investments.


They base their trades on catastrophic guess work.

Trading forex in this fashion is like a blind folded man trying to find his way around a house filled with a million, angry, dangerous snakes.

That man will surely walk into his own death, obviously.

Misinformed, ignorant traders —  trade forex with a gambler's mentality.

They are blind folded by their hazardous , unsafe and high—risk trading IDEAS.

 That is why they FAIL.

 However, This is Not How The "ELITE" few, Trade Forex.

 There are a  few special crops of traders who are always smiling  to the bank.

And it isn't because they have two heads.

It is simply because they have special  trading skills and knowledge which they are keeping close to their chest.

They have found the master key to the hidden paradise of forex trading PROFITS...

But They Won’t

Share Their SECRET With

YOU, Not Even If YOU

Were Their Best FRIEND.


 I used to be one of them.


I wasn't always this cheerful giver that my students know today.

You see...

When I finally found the keys  to the vault, and started making loads of money with forex trading...

...I didn't give  a damn what happened to other people.

I folded my hands and watched people I knew burn huge piles of their hard earned cash to the ground, trading forex the wrong way.

AND I didn't lift a finger to help.

I kept my forex trading secrets close to my chest.

And I left everyone green with envy.

But Waju, that was mean.

Why did you do that?

Well, I can explain... 

My “FIRST” sojourn into forex trading 12 years ago was one of those fairy tale success stories.

It was an instant HIT.

There was so much money.

So I quickly married my girlfriend.

And we had a baby boy.

My earning kept going up.

Then suddenly, it all came crashing down into a million pieces.

And the ripple effect of that crash was felt so badly by my young family.

We fell so low financially, that poverty line became our new horizon.

Everything Went Bad

Quicker than I Could Handle. 

And it didn't take long before my greatest fear stood on my doorstep with a wide grin on it’s ugly face.

I started seeing the signs.

The handwriting on the wall was becoming bolder by the day.

My wife, my love , the woman I could die for, started acting funny.

It is sad to say this publicly..

But the rumour was beginning to spread in my neighborhood.

When I walked  by, the look-of-pity from people on my street confirmed my fears.

She was Having an Affair.

When I confronted her...

Her reply was..

"Since you cannot handle your biz as a real man should, do you expect me to sit at home and starve to death with my child?

Well, even with such abominable utterances, I didn't have the courage to break up the marriage.

She and the kid, was all I had left.

But one day, she looked me in the eyes

And said...

"My love for you, is now a ghost, dead and gone"

Those words slapped hard on my ear drums, ran like a shockwave up and down my spine and exploded in my brain with unspeakable pain..

Those were the coldest words I ever heard.

That Day, I Locked Myself in the Bathroom and Cried.

I cried like an orphaned child.

A few weeks later, I returned home one day...

And my house was as quiet as  a graveyard.

She was gone.

Gone like the wind with my little prince.

Our love was raped to death by a monster.

That monster is poverty.

Poverty that was as a result of “a faulty forex trading system.”

Two months later my rent was due.

I couldn't renew it.

So I swallowed my pride and moved back home to the tiny BQ behind my father's house.

My parents warned me against marrying that girl but I was in love.


Like the prodigal son, I have returned empty handed...

Heartbroken and BROKE.

My life in those days was like a creepy ,scary horror movie stuck on repeat.

The toxic energy produced by the bitter memories of my tragic fall...

... drained my confidence - it was a rush of shame - a tide that was too strong to swim against.

I Was Buried In The

Soil Of Hardship and

Forgotten by Close Friends

But Like a Seed I Sprouted

In the midst of my hardship and struggles, I spent nights and days developing a forex trading system that will change the world.

With a demo account I experimented and tested my hypothesis for 5 long years.

I went deep.

I studied the forex market like it's the holy  book of life.

I kept perfecting my hypothesis...

Until I built myself a money doubling forex trading system that generates profit every single time..I trade.

I called my strategy: FxMeth.

A strategy , so rare and so effective that it got me the nickname "god of Forex."

A genius was strangled out of me by the heartless hardship I went through.


The Turn Around

When I started earning good money from Fx trading AGAIN, I didn't feel like sharing my trading system with anyone.

My heart became stone cold.

I remembered how everybody abandoned me in my most vulnerable and trying moments.

I felt the whole world  hated me.

And now it was my time for a pay back.

That was my mindset.

So, the better I became at  forex trading, the deeper I HID my trading secrets.

I felt that was the right thing to do.


This Went On Until I Welcomed

My Second Child


I remarried.

This woman met me in a hopeless place..

She showed me another side of love...

A side I never knew existed.

And that was how Waju got his groove back.

*The day my daughter was born ...the joy that I felt ...flushed out all the hurt and anger that clogged my soul.

That child healed me.

And the real WAJU, the cheerful giver crept out of his hiding place. 


There is no joy in watching precious people...

who just want to make an honest living, piss their money into the toilet of blind trades.

So, just a few months ago...

I decided to share my “elite forex trading secrets”, that is working like a charm, with a selected few.

And in those few months?

I have been able to hold the hands of  over 200 students and helped them become “financially successful Forex traders” like myself.

And They All Have Results to Show.

People who couldn't pay their kids school fees before now, can now pay with ease.

People who couldn't pay rent, now own lands and  are building their own homes.

People who used to be tied to a desk with minger salaries  are now able to go on vacations

And just seeing the joy in people's faces as they crush poverty to death...

...is the greatest and sweetest feeling in the world.

My Forex Trading Mindset

I will give you more information about my trading mindset in the coming paragraphs.

So watch out for it.

But first, watch these live testimonies from a few of my STUDENTS (Proofs)

"Made N20k on my first trade!"

"Waju is the best thing that has happened to me..."

"After I retired...I've doubled my investment"

"The support is massive!"


What Do You THINK? 

You are welcome back  from watching the testimonies above.

Now what do you think?

If you say amazing, then you are RIGHT.

The results of my students are AMAZING to put it mildly.

Because it is very rare to find an fx coach whose students can boast of  making  profits every time they trade.

People say that my FxMeth trading methodology is one of a kind..

And It is in a class of its own.


It makes people rich.


Would  YOU Love to

Trade Forex Like Waju

and Make Millions

Working Less Than

Thirty Minutes DAILY ?

Did you say YES ?


 Well, we will soon  get to that part.

 But first…

 What sets Waju apart from the mediocres?

 Well, it is complicated.

 It is not easy to explain.

 Fx trading is not EASY.

 People fail because they are brainwashed to believe that Fx Trading is EASY.

 And because they think it’s easy, they don’t train for the job.

 I spent doken years staring at the market, eyeball to eyeball, until I mastered it.

 I ate, inhaled and engulfed myself in forex, until the spirit of forex trading literarily entered into me.

 This thing took years, it didn’t happen overnight.

 Waju Doesn't Do Guessed Trades.

 When I trade, I do it with a 100% certainty of making a profit.

 I am able to do this because  I have developed my skills to an elite level.

 “Skill” is a product of TRAINING.

 And that  is what you require to make millions from forex trading.

 The right training is what will make you RICH...

Waju’s Strange  

Fx Trading


 I don't trade like the average trader and that is why my results are not average.

 I always make a profit whenever I trade .

 And that is one thing  MAJORITY of traders can’t boast of 

But I can.

Because I can back it up with proofs.

Please Tell Me What's

Strange About

Waju’s Trading Style?

 Well, here's one.

 For starters…

 I don't use the famous "Stop Loss".

 If any  average trader hears this, he or she would think I have gone mad.

 Why don’t I use it?

 Well, it's because using stop loss reduces Fx trading to mere GAMBLING.

 But guess what?

 The use of  “Stop Loss”is the first thing you will be taught by any *average Fx coach out there.

 They are practically teaching you how to become a gambler.

 What a Shame.

 They want you to “try your luck.”

 And that is why millions of people are losing their money everyday.

 “Stop Loss” is for people who do guess trade.

 I don’t do guess trade and my students don’t either.

 We trade with 100% surety.

 And that is why we  keep making profit over and over again - non stop.

 Here is another one:

 Most traders are trading multiple currency pairs.

 They jump from one currency pair to another at every opportunity they get.

 They lack FOCUS.


 “Without focus, there can never be mastery.”

 I went through the pain of studying and mastering the idiosyncrasies of individual currency pairs.

  I realised that each currency pair have it's own mood swings.

 And due to my years of  painstaking research,  I can now read the minds of these currencies.

 I can tell you what each “currency pair” is  thinking and which direction they are about to go.

 I know which currency pair to “zero in on” for maximum profit..

 And my students are opportuned to benefit from my opulent mastermind.

 That is why they are getting filthy rich so fast.

See More Testimonies from My Students Below.

"I've made 5X my initial capital"

"If you will ONLY follow Waju's instructions..."

"I now earn in a week, what my job pays in a month"

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I Made YOU a Promise

at The Beginning Of

This Letter,

Do you remember? 

I promised to show you a way to end all your money worries permanently.

And I also said that you would have to do two things to make this happen.

The first, was that you have to read this letter to the end.

 (Well, you are almost at the end of the letter now).

And the second, was that YOU have to  follow what I will tell you to DO.

So What is it That I Want You to DO?

Well, I want to hand you a cash pumping machine right now.

And all you have to DO,  is take it from my hands and become a forex trading millionaire.

What is This Cash Pumping Machine?

Well, it is an Opportunity for You to Join My Private Premium FxMeth College.

And become one of my new millionaire students.



Friend,  this is it.

This is your chance to  become a forex trading millionaire overnight.


I  promised you…

...That if you would read every word I say in this letter to the end...

And follow what I will tell you to do..


You will never have money worries - ever again - for the rest of your life.

I promised  that you will discover how to become a  millionaire forex trader.

And the only way I know this can happen, is if you DO your part by making sure you enroll into...

….My Private Premium FxMeth College today..

There is no other way.

There are Scholarships Available

If you enroll today, you might be able to take advantage of a 50% tuition fee scholarship.

So What is The Next Step?

It’s easy.

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