"My Retirement Announcement"

Like QUITTIN for real! No lookin back. I realize this will hurt a lot of people including my dear wife, and this is why I decided to lay it all bare below

READ ...

Dear Waju Fan and Friend,


We were just boys.

Up in high school that year, running for our lives from evil seniors. Sleepin on bare bunks -sometimes in the bush.

Two classmates had planned to fake high-fever (temporary madness) so they could be let off manual labor that afternoon and sent home.

The bigger one would start it, and then the smaller guy would join.

 But when big guy starts misbehaving violently, he picks on small guy and starts beating the crap out of him to the point smallie wails

 "Biggy, no be so we plan am o!"

It was game over -INSTANTLY. Plan don spoyel.

Guess what?

"This Is Exactly HOW
I've Been Feelin Lately"

Sometimes, the best of plans go effin wrong.

You see...when I started Cult of Salescraft, I sincerely wanted to build a cult of warrior marketers, taking over established niches and toppling guru kingdoms.

And it worked...for a while.

But while people like Triumf, Slyde, Dr Nne, were taking action and makin mad mullah...

Far too many folks were quitting because... 

"Welp! I can't install wordpress"

Ordinary Wordpress o!

"If thou hast run with footmen, and they wearied thee, how canst thou compete with horses?" -Jeremiah 12v.5

But I get it, actually.

You see, it is easy to quit when you paid N30,000 for LIFETIME mentorship access.

Meanwhile these same people paying N1million X 4 years for a shittificate that says you're educated but unemployable, therefore still dependent on helders for handouts.

I swear, I gerrit,

But now, I think I'm done gerrin eet.

Because, Me Sef...

No Be So I Plan Am Ooo!

I didn't signup to become a wordpress troubleshooter.

Or newbie babysitter.

I wanted marketers with real problems.

Marketers I will help who will send me "thank you gifts". (Like Na Yiba who has been begging me to come take measurement for free Kaftan.)

Here's the FACT!

I'm done taking money from wankers who expect money to fall in their laps -for doing nothing, nada...zilch.

Yes, the money is cool to spend along with hearing the skrrryaaa of alerts, and all that, BUT there is no fulfilment for me doing this any longer.

And at the risk of losing 25%-50% of my income, I just gotta say this...without caring whose ox is gored.

"I'm tired!"

Tired of this "bad-energy" money from endorphin-addicted spenders who only spend money for the hormone rush it gives them.

And not for the transformation it was supposed to give em.

(Some even paid and NEVER showed up to claim their purchase.)

I'm just tired...and I'm at this point in my business and life where I...

Don't wanna work with wankers no more.

I've gotta find to find somef'n better to live my life for.

Am I communicating?

Anyhoo...thats the point of this whole rant -mostly.

I may be out of steady income for a while, but one thing is certain. It will be no longer business as usual.

So here's the question

If I Could Help You (One-on-One) To Make An Extra 7,8 Figures In Your Bidnez Every Single Month...

Would It Hurt Your Greed Glands To Pay Me Only N30,000 -MONTHLY?

Now hold you horses.

You already see this is NOT an owambe thing.

This is clearly not for everybody.

Who it ain't for?

  • Certainly not for newbies looking for something doing, so they look like they got their lives together.
  • Not for people looking for an opportunity to say "Oh I know Waju. He's my mentor nye nye nye".
  • Not for you if you don't YET have a business. You gotta have one even IF it is not making you money.
  • If you don't yet know how to use a pagebuilder, or an autoresponder -or anything tech. (And you're too stingy to hire an assistant who can)
  • If you struggle to follow simple guidance (If you must always add your jara to whatever you're told. I can't help you. NOBODY can.)
  • If you're craving for respect (when you should be getting help) or you're the type who feels insulted because "Waju didn't say good morning".
  • Basically Freebie-seekers, shiny-object experts, UFO-sighters and unicorn lovers are not wanted here.

That leaves me with a special breed of people.

A people with...


That's what it takes to survive in this business.

Thats the kind of person I want to work with...because its a savage world out there.

The mean streets of the internet where savages will troll your ads till your cry "Momma". 

Wealth is NOT for sissies.

And now that I've made this clear...

And if I have not totally pissed you off with my "harrowgance"...

And despite everything, you STILL think you qualify to work with me...

I'll give you an opportunity to prove yourself.

But First, This Is What I'm Giving You...

Unrestricted access to training videos, premium reports, cheatsheets, special traffic tools for 2019.

Here's A Tiny Peek At What's Inside...

  • 3 frameworks marketers use that land you in the email dead zone.
  • New frameworks any marketer can use to get their heads out their asses and build instant vibe with their prospects.
  • The science behind welcome emails and how to tweak them for up to 320% more revenue in your business.(You can only get this right ONCE. Miss it and you may have lost that prospect forever)
  • The cocaine way to get people "hooked" on your emails. (Watch your sales soar as people are driven into a buying-frenzy every time you send an email.)
  • How to have an unstoppable flow of email content ideas -even if writing was never really “your thing”.
  • The funny mistake most email marketers make that stops being funny when they look at their bank accounts -yet they can't tell what they're doing wrong.
  • The strange tweak I learned from the "INCEPTION" movie that shows you the right way to plot your autoresponder sequence. (I once created a course on this, selling for N27,500)
  • "Writer's Block"??? I will show you how NEVER to be stuck at your computer thinking of what to write again. This works especially well for people who HATE writing but love earning.
  • Priceonomics 101. The little-known pricing principle that's turning even the most desperate buyers away. (Shhh. Its the reason those who know me, call me "The Prince Of Pricing")
adebusoye, waju abraham, email marketing in nigeria



  • Attention ECom/Mini-Importation Experts! Your business will struggle, choke and die without repeat sales. I'll show you how to use emails to convert MORE new customers WITHOUT ADS and best of all, CREATE REPEAT BUYERS, cus that's where the real cheddar is. (You don't have to pay for ads to get new sales any longer).
  • How to get your subscribers excited and waiting for your emails -even if your industry is as boring as armpit-sweat.
  • How to get so deep into your subscribers head that they can't sleep, eat or focus until they buy from you. (Whats funny here is that this secret is actually out there in plain view but marketers overlook it to their income detriment)
  • No Email List? NO worries. I will show you my secret method for building your own highly-targeted, and ready to buy leads for just peanuts. Results that made grown men emotional.
  • suvwe
    I could go on and on...but you get the point.

And Thats Not All...

I'm not leaving you stranded by the riverside like all those gooroos with more courses than you can mentally process. No.

Remember, I said this is for action-takers?

Well, I'm going to open up my brain to you.

Ask Me Anything...Yes, ANYTHING!

  • Market Research...
  • Copywriting angles...
  • The perfect lead magnet...
  • Thank you pages...
  • Welcome emails...
  • Subject lines...
  • Openings...
  • Stories-selling...
  • Plot twists...
  • Proof...
  • CTA Buttons...
  • Split testing...
  • Tracking...
  • Conversions...
  • Follow up series...
  • DeadList revival emails...
  • How to respond to hatemail
  • How to profit from your personal screwups
  • Product launch emails...
  • Business Strategy...
  • Your personal life
  • Your love life? Yes! Whatever makes you function at your best.
  • And much, much more!

Ultimately, you'll come out bushy-tailed, and bright-eyed every morning knowing the day is yours, and the fish are biting.

You see, I want to work. Work that I love. Work that changes people's lives beyond being giddy fanboys.

In the life I'm retiring from, I was selling courses, working just 30 minutes a day.

If the students had taken action, I might have stayed.

Thats why I have decided to ONLY work with business owners and active marketers -not needy wannabes chasing shiny objects around.

If you have a product or service for a defined audience, this is exclusively for you.

Oops! I Forgot!!!
This Is Yours!

For having the courage to invest in your business in these iffy times, I am going to reward you with a very special gift.

This flashdrive contains a motherload of resource material which I've only ever shared with my 2 closest clients.


I understand nobody (not even I) can grow your business for you like you would.

And therefore, you need to be in top marketing form at any point.

Which is why I am sending you this flashdrive by courier.

Delivered right to your doorstep.

It contains...

  • Tons of Swipe files
  • Rare copywriting books
  • Done for you lead magnets
  • Mad stuff. (Worth selling separately in fact)

Again, this is not for everybody.

And if you're asking about my refund policy, this is not for you either.

Strictly for marketers and entrepreneurs who are ready to take action, so they can add an extra zero to their bank balance in record time.

10X Your Sales In Record Time.

So here's the deal...

This is a subscription-based offer, and the monthly fee is N30,000 flat -billed automatically every 30 days.

Fresh content is uploaded on the 1st of every month. (Theres over 1,000 hours of content there already.)

Also, if for any reason you wish to discontinue, you can do that easily and you will not be billed.

That said, if N30,000 seems too big an investment to let me help you make an extra million or more in sales, then this is not for you.

Again, if you're not ready to bring "Steel Balls" to the table, this will not work for you.

In fact, you prolly shouldn't be in business either.

I have now set before you life and death, victory or loss, sales or crickets...

Think about it.

Even though I know you're probably still skeptical about this whole mentoring thing. (Nobody offers this -definitely not this cheap, and certainly not at this depth I'm offering)

But if you chicken out of this opportunity to work with me one-on-one for such a paltry monthly investment...if you close this page and leave right now?

Will your business suddenly grow by some special magic effect?

Or will you rather keep burning red candles, pouring anointing oyel, attending deliverance programs, hoping your business will suddenly blow?

Throwing tactic after tactic at your business (all based on hearsay) like a blind dartsman, hoping one sticks and finally pays off???

Thats why I will close by saying there is NO PLACE quite like Email Reactor where you can get all the support you need to 2x...3x...even 10x your business in the next 90 days.

So long as you're willing to put in the effort.

Yes, Waju!
Sign Me Up!

  • Loud and clear. I am ready to put my money where my mouth is by leveraging on your experience to grow my business -with zero guesswork.
  • I understand this is a monthly subscription program and I will be automatically charged every 30 days.
  • I understand there is a cancellation policy, and I can cancel ANYTIME I want -and without any hassles. All I need to do is send an email to nafisat@cabalfood.com.

I Also Understand I'll Be Getting...

  • Instant Access to the Email Reactor members area for marketers and entrepreneurs -with over 1,000 hours of hot content, and more added every month.
  • Access to ask you any questions about the rapid growth of my business.
  • Access to Monthly "Whats Working?" Livestreams where you share the results of your latest launches and campaigns.
  • PLUS...BONUS: I also receive my flashdrive shipped by mail, containing tonnes of marketing resources, email swipes, sales page swipes, lead magnet templates, rare advertising and copywriting books etc.
  • BONUS II: I am entitled to a private email critique (worth N120,000) where you take a look at my emails to see how I can fine tune them for greater results.

I hereby certify that I have a REAL business, and I am not a unicorn-chasing, shiny-object junkie.

I am ready to put in the work for massive results, working with you.

Yes! Thank you for this opportunity.

Join The Email Reactor Coaching Program Right Now!

That's over N3,000,000 in value for only N30,000 per month! (I charge my consulting clients N500k per month)

So sit tight.

Cos this salesship is about to take for the skies.

I'll see you inside.

Waju "Salescraft" Abraham

PS: Although I see you being profitable in 30 days if you implement what I teach, also remember that you can always discontinue the billing anytime you want and you will not be charged for the next month.

Watch the videos, download the templates, listen to the webinars, read and implement the action steps and start testing what really works for YOU.

IF you feel stuck at any point, just and submit your questions (and get your answers) in the members area.

P.P.S: BTW, in case you're still wondering, here is a little more about what people are sying about me… and why you should listen to me.

Toyin Omotoso thinks I'm hot

"Its quite overwhelming to meet the demand" -Patrick

"More like deliverance sessions"

"Burnin cash...enriching Facebook -Until Waju stepped in"
-Pastor Gideon

"Waju is loaded!" 

"America...SORRY...Affiliate Top Sellers Know" 

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