18 Yr Old Destroys "Lazy Youth" Stereotype... Now Generating N291,188 Monthly Income

It's almost like a pension
-only that she didn't spend 35 years) qualifying for it.

We live in shocking times. Almost every idea we had growing up is being debunked by present day realities.

For example, the idea that lazy people never amount to much in life is one that the older folk rang into our heads for years. 

And we believed it, because it made sense.

And thats why you will be shocked to discover what we are about to show you.

A self-confessed, "LAZY O-Level Graduate" is now earning her parents' combined salaries -and she's doing nothing to deserve it.

The whole country went up in fake anger recently when journalists reported that President Buhari referred to Nigerian Youths as "lazy".

"They only got angry because they felt insulted. If the average Nigerian youth found a way to make money while being lazy or unavailable, I'm sure they'd wouldn't mind being called "lazy"."

Says this 18 year old lazy, slay queen who is now more than comfortable with being called lazy.

The references to Buhari's statement calling Nigerian youths "lazy" have been many.  The latest of these came from Reno Mokri, when he was addressing the disqualification of Erica from the BBNaija 2020 Reality Show.

Apparently, some person had started a GoFundMe drive for Erica, raising over $15,000 for her in 5 hours.

Well, we have further proof President Buhari may have been right when he said our youths are lazy.

But there's a twist...

Today we bring the news of this teenage girl, an O-level graduate who it appears has found a way to practically eat her cake and have it.

"I risked being right, and it has paid off!" she said.

According to her, she wasn't really interested in all the hard work people talk about in success books. She felt there had to be a better way.

"People said I am lazy, but I believe God made me that way. And if he made me lazy, then he must have made a way for me to achieve my dreams without wearing myself out or doing anything illegal"

This was the singular mindset that got her to keep fighting, hunting and searching for something that would suit her lazy temperament.

Being the black sheep of the family, her reputation was also in the neigbourhood, and parents didn't want her around their own children who were her classmates.

There was one neighbor however, who only ever chatted with her. And thats where her breakthrough lay.

At first she thought he was up to no good, but one day he called her and asked her what she wanted out of life.

"I told him my parents are the hardest workers I've ever seen, but look at how they struggle with 5 kids. It makes me scared of hard work. I sometimes think hardwork is a curse and prophecy of poverty"

"You seem to have a point, albeit naively expressed." The neighbour said, smiling and then he asked her to meet him at an eatery the next day. If she came to his house, the rumors would start.

Good idea, she thought. "I liked food anyway"

So the next day she came over and he began to show her things from his laptop.

"This uncle was making more than both my hardworking parents combined. And he rarely left his flat!"

I paid attention as he showed me exactly what I needed to do. It was unbelievable, but I knew he lived a good life, so it must be true.

He looked at me and said "It's time to make history" 

"I can't wait to get started" I replied

We chatted back and forth about the plan and how to set it all up amd make money.

Over the course of 1 short hour. 

My food got cold. This was lazy money!

And the rest, as the elders say, is history.

Model photo for illutsration only

Because she was lazy, she started by making $150 the very first month. This was because she didn't put in her best effort.

In the beginning

When she saw the results, she got serious and mustered the focus to finish the setup. And thats when things changed...

What will you do with N291,000 autopilot income?

Long story short, our lazy slay queen is now making her own money without doing all the dirty things slay queens normally have to do to make that kind of money.

But it's not for girls only...

Anybody can follow this method and get these results too. Male, female, genderless...anything.

All thats required is to finish the setup (which usually takes 30-90 days) and then sit back and watch the money start rolling in MONTHLY.

There's a proper video explaining the process for those who want to discover exactly what she did, and how they too can do it.

The bottom line is that you can be lazy and still make a respectable living in today's world.

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