Finally, Nigeria's Most Feared Email Copywriter Reveals ...

How To Write Hypnotic Emails That Open Purses, and Make Men Beg To Buy From YOu -Even IF Your List Is Tiny Or Non-Existent.

If You Can Put Just One Of These Strategies To Work In Your Marketing, You're Almost Guaranteed INSTANT SAME-DAY RESULTS...

From: Waju Abraham

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020


You probably know me -or you don't. Doesn't matter -for now.

But I want you to look very closely at the paper below. It is of extreme importance that you look at it very well


What if i told you that this single, stupid-looking email, sent to a very tiny email list made me N3,2000,000 in 24 hours..

And it is not a fluke.

Some of my emails have made DOUBLE that figure (some, less) -IN 24 HOURS.

As you will see below...


Like These...

...All From 30-60 Minutes

Of Work Daily!

I have shared some of my secrets with a few people in the past. They're doing well too.

Business doubled in 30 days.
Took my student to N180k in 24 hours
New student results in 1 week!
Working just 30 minutes a day.

Even My Wife Got Testimonies In Her Ecom Business!

Just to tell you how easy this method is to teach.

(You know it is never easy to teach a wife)

Making money while morning...

Some people have made the foolish mistake of plagiarizing my emails too. The results were disastrous for them.


Because there's an art to embedding your voice inside emails such that even when people steal yur work, it is your voice that their audience will be hearing.

In the end, the copycat will look stupid to his subscribers, and my respect in the industry will increase. (I'll teach you this copycat-castrating secret as you read on)

(Of course, I know you weren't just now thinking of stealing my email copy. You're a good person. I just thought to mention it)

One funny-named pastor-preneur currently copies me, and he keeps making me money by sending my voice to his own email list. Free marketing. haqhaqhaq.

 Anyway, here's the gist...

I just finished a new book (more like handbook/workbook) where I have broken down in grandma-friendly fashion, the building blocks of my email wizardry.

In this handbook, I have literally taken apart my most profitable emails...

Emails That Made

At Least $1000

In 24 Hours...

And I have highlighted the specific ingredients that made people sleepless until they bought my offer.

Emails that sent people borrowing money from their enemies just so they can buy from me.

Look, its no news really. This is the most valuable skill on the planet because...

It doesn't matter how good you (or your products) are. If you lack the ability to effectively persuade people to give you their hard-earned money, you will live and (God forbid) die a frustrated human.

Like the man, Van Gogh...

Local man wept

Van Gogh was a god when it came to artwork.

In just over a decade, he created about 2,100 artworks, including around 860 oil paintings, most of which date from the last two years of his life. His work contributed to the foundations of modern art.

Unfortunately, he was not commercially successful, and he committed suicide at 37 after he ran mad from frustration and poverty.

Before he died, he used a knife to slice off his own ear! (maybe he was regretting something he should have done, but didn't do. Who knows?)

Bottom line? Even a genius without persuasion skills will die unsung.

So How Did I Become This Successful With Email?

"I Was Born A Stammerer...Didn't Have A Girlfriend Till I Was 27"

I proposed to her with a post-dated cheque because I didn't trust the flow of words from my own mouth. (Sadly, the marriage didn't last)

All these frustrations quickly taught me to place my trust in the written word.

You see, I wasn't born with "the gift". Life forced me to learn it.

So if you're reading this and you're wondering IF you can ever be this good, then I say "Worry not".

If you are hungry enough, you will master it in 30-60 days. GUARANTEED.

That leaves you enough days in the year to make a mad amount of money, sending stupid-simple emails like me -no matter how tiny your list is.

Back to my new handbook.

This handbook is like having a blue passport.

A blue, USA passport guarantees you VISA-FREE access into a whopping 174 countries!

Meaning you can just up and go any godamn time you like and travel the world.

Thats what my handbook can help you do. You can deploy these evil, email skills in virtually ANY niche on earth, and be madly profitable.

I have used these same skills in selling everything from...

  • Software
  • Courses
  • Ebooks
  • Physical Books
  • Real Estate
  • Pet products
  • Weight loss...and counting

I am currently helping a client make Coronavirus profits by selling his medical PPE kits via email.


In 2019, My TINY Forex Email List Cost Me $50/mo, Yet We Made Over $100k In 30 Days

Here's why this is insane!

Just 42 months ago, I was a federal civil servant making the equivalent of $200 per month -before loan deductions. (Now I earn more than my corrupt former boss can steal in a month)

Alright, enough said...

What You'll Learn

In This Handbook?

  •  How Waju Make's It Look So Easy? This is simple the science of mastering anything in record time. Actually works with anything you want to learn fast, not just email.
  • The Invisible Trigger That Activates “Buyer Mode” In The Mind Of Your Subscriber Within Seconds Of Joining Your List.
  • How To Tell A Mindsuckin Email Story. Without this, no matter how attention-grabbin your subject line is, people will not be motivated to open your emails, and if they don't open...then sorry, no sales.
  • How To Shoot Emails That End Up In The Fallopian Tube. There's a way that seemeth right to the marketer, but the end thereof is the promotions folder -or spam box. And then there is a better way. Its not a science. Its an art. Meaning, its easy to do again and again, no matter what new niche you get into. 
  • The Handbook Of Powerful Email Spells. I broke down my most profitable emails into building blocks (some made as much as $20,000 in 24 hours), and explain why they worked so powerfully. This is the meat in the burger of this handbook. With this, you'll be banging out highly-profitable emails in 24 hours.
  • The 5 Manifestations Of Diabolically Effective Email Sorcerers. Every notable marketer has their own sales persona. In fact, it is almost impossible to succeed anywhere without a persona. In this chapter, I break down the 5 distinct email marketing personas without which, you will never have loyal customers.
  • Taming The Great Dragon Of Email Success -Especially In Third World Countries.
  • How To Zombify A Dead List, And Turn Them Into A Mob Of Hypnotized Buyers. Most email lists are half-dead anyway. Big lists with pathetic sales figures? All that comes to an end with this secret method.
  • How Not To Bore Your List To Death Like ALL The Other Fine Boy Gooroos Posing Behind Macbooks With Big Lists And Shikini Sales. Lets face it, the reason you don't open a big guru's emails is because of "see finish". This secret solves that problem forever.
  • How To Raise An Army Of Marketing Voodoo Dolls From The Souls Of Copycats Who Steal Your Work. If you get this secret, you will suddenly begin to find the copycat's subscribers flocking to you as they start to see YOU as the MOON, in a nightsky swarming with feckless fireflies.

Awwww...No List?

No Problem!

  • I have recorded a secret step-by-step BONUS video that helps you build your first list of 1000 hungry email subscribers from scratch. (A 1000 subscriber email list can make you around $1000/MONTHLY. This is where people now start smelling the money in email marketing)
  • Then I will help you setup a money-suckin 30-day email autoresponder that puts money in your bank account while you sleep.
  • What leadmagnet will you use? I'm going to help you with that also. Just read on...
  • How to write so that people will buy from you even if they hate you and wish you'd just drop dead. (I got a hateful subscriber to jump on a plane and fly down to Lagos for my event once)
  • My secret arsenal for generating tons of email content for days in advance. (For days when you just want to be lazy or go on vacation)
  • My "Cocaine Rule" for getting people legally-hooked on your emails. (your "broke" subscribers will sell their kidneys just to buy from you. Just make sure you're legit).
  • "Writer's Block"??? I will show you how NEVER to be stuck at your computer thinking of what to write again. This works especially well for people who HATE writing but love earning.
  • Most people receive 100+ emails daily. I'll show you how to be among the first 3 emails they check every single day.
  • Open rates to die for. Solid double-digit open rates are inevitable when you do ________, _________ and __________. (I'll bet $100 your gooroo doesn't know this).


It's Not How Big Your List Is"

Most gurus with huge 100k-200k lists make $1-$4 per email subscriber. I have one of the smallest lists around, and guess what?

I made $13 per lead from a 6000 subscriber list (this is not counting my affiliate sales).

You're going to discover the secrets to my email profit madness in this handbook.

That's right, but thats not all...

You'll Also Discover...

  • A complete, down-to-the-bare-bones deconstruction of 15 of my most profitable emails by list size. Discover the exact building blocks of each of these highly profitable emails, and how you can model your emails after them too. (DO NOT COPY WORD FOR WORD. JUST MODEL)
  • I show you how much each email made -with proof, and how and WHY I wrote it that way.
  • Discover my "Yoruba-mom-slap" email method for double-minded procrastinators that gets them to fall in line and click the BUY button.
  • The powerful lesson I learnt from Professor Pela the magician as a 5 year old boy in the 80s, and how it works so powerfully in email marketing today.
  • How NOT to get rich with email. The top 5 mistakes that keeps most gurus underperforming in their email marketing. Some of them have great offers, but they keep shooting themselves in the leg with these silly mistakes.
  • Where great headlines live. Sometimes, I'm mentally lazy. I've created a resource file saved to cloud that will guarantee you an unlimited source of creative, attention grabbing headlines you can ever come up with.
  • Would you like to instantly become the darling of your list... regardless of the niche you're in -and who was claiming "Chairman" there before you?.
  • The success factor that hypnotizes your reader to take action... leading all the way up to your intention i.e. purchase your product, sign up for something, download a freebie, and more!
  • Want to come off as authentic in your emails, such that your audience knows your voice, and they'd even miss you if you so much as went silent for a day?

10X Your Email Marketing Profits In 90 Days -Or Your Money Back?!

I hate guarantees.

It encourages losers to buy my shit, and use me as savings account for when they go broke because they didn't put the lessons to work.

So, no sir. There is no refund on this book offer. I have no way of knowing if you will put it to work. And if you "need" a guarantee my book will work for you, then you prolly shouldn't order my book.

The way it works, you either see this or you don't. You either have dreams or you don't.

I want this handbook in the hands of the right people. Folks whose spirits are already screaming...

"Shut Up And Take My Money, Waju!"

After all, I've demonstrated my real life results and email skills to you.

"Email Skills That

Intimidate The World's Best"

Wins The Hearts Of Naija's Top Marketers

I plan to sell this book for N100,000 this year (because it is worth it, and nobody around will teach you these things).

But it is my wife's 40th birthday, and I am feeling generous.

We already surprised her with a brand new SUV, and I am looking to do something bigger in her honor.

So I am not going to charge N100,000 for this oil well of email wisdom. Nope.

Not N75,000...

Not even N50,000 which is a steal.

I've decided that for the entire month of March (or for the first 100 orders), I will make Email Sorcery available for just N39,999 only.


PAY N34,999 ONLY

Is it expensive? 

Well, so was Toke Makinwa's book. And what did anyone gain from it?

Anyway, you shouldn't buy it if you think it is expensive. It prolly won't work for you. Strictly for marketers who are hungry for success with sales.

This book is written to take serious marketers with viable businesses to 7 figure days in email marketing. The question is...do you think YOU deserve such days???

If you said yes, then I am certain that N39,999 is such a TINY investment to compared to your potential daily income.

After all, I've been there and I have helped people get there.

All I did was write his emails
strictly emails. no ads

Sell A Kidney -IF You Have To...

But remember, this is not a book for water-testers who are jumping from trial offer to trial offer on aweber and getresponse.

It is for those who have nailed themselves to the cross of online marketing and are ready to "die dia".

Are you that person?

Well, time's ticking and the orders are coming in.

The price goes up after the first 100 sales.

Maybe to N50,000...or EVEN N100,000...and it will still be well worth it.


Email Took Me From A Lowly Civil Servant To An Internationally-Acclaimed Expert

It can do the same for you in 2020 -if you're ready.

Secure your copy while you still can.

You know me. 

I always like to spice up my offers to make them so irresistible, you'd have to be plain stupid to miss it.

I'm adding over N100,000 in amazing bonuses. Special secret trainings where attendees paid N50,000 - N100,000 to learn.

  • No Email List? NO worries. (Value N19,999) I will show you my secret method for building your own highly-targeted, and ready to buy leads for just peanuts. 
  • Millionaire-Maker Email Swipe File. (Value N30,000) My array of 963 battle-tested swipes across several niches. Just copy, edit, deploy and KABOOM! 
  • How To Craft A Product-Launch Email. (Value N9,999) Here I show you several ways I release my products by email without ticking people off as scammy or needy.
  • Video Sales Script Generator. (Value N14,999) Brand New Web-Based Software Spits Out Killer Video Sales Copy -In 10 Minutes FLAT! 

    Any scripts Video Script makes, is geared to convert and help your videos become more engaging, without having to spend hours of time or money outsourcing it! 
  • COLD EMAILS PSYCHOLOGY MASTERCLASS. (Value N75,000) I'll show you how to write COLD emails that get noticed, opened and responded to. This training alone cost N75,000 per attendee.

    If you work in B2B, then you dare not miss this.

  • How to set up your "thank you page" so you can instantly warm-up your fresh leads, and gets them in buy-mode. (Shhhh...I've never seen any Nigerian marketer do this. Which explains how I am able to crush it with TINY lists).
  • JON BENSON'S MILLION-DOLLAR HEADLINE CHECKLIST. With this checklist, you’ll end up with literally dozens of psychological hooks (called Trigger Hooks) that you can automatically plug into a Headline Formula.

WARNING! These Early Bird Bonuses Will Be Removed When The Timer Hits Zero.

If you're ready to turn your entire life around, to stop wasting your time doing business the same old way, and start making a lot of money...

The next move is up to you. 

I've shown you what email marketing can do for your business, and how having me teach you the ropes is the best thing for your business in 2020. 

You and I both know that if you've read this far in the letter, then you're seriously interested in improving your business and personal income. 

All that's left to do now is take action.

Again, Here's What You're Getting...

Email Sorcery Paperback Book

Bonus #1: List Building Underground

Bonus #2: Millionaire-Maker Email Swipe File

Bonus #3: How To Craft A Product-Launch Email

Bonus #4: Video Sales Script Generator


Thank You Page Secrets.

Jon Benson's Million-Dollar Headline Checklist












PAY N39,999

I'm Not Even Charging N99,000!

Just Pay  
Pay N34,999

When you click the red button, you will be taken to a secure bit-encrypted payment page, where you can pay with your debit card, or via USSD (keyword: SECURELY).

Once payment is successful, you will be redirected to your access page. A receipt containing your access link will also be sent to you by email.

Any enquiries can also be forwarded to our support desk via 07030700332 (WhatsApp only) or directly to me waju[at]cabalfood.com.

As you can see, this isn't some "one corner" product where you're left on your own after purchase.

I've poured my heart and soul into Email Sorcery.

Despite this, I realize some people will still rather keep struggling, going from pillar to post, testing "shiny new object" tactics -instead of embracing lasting strategies. No problem. Every mallam his kettle.

But if you're ready to finally end the merry-go-round of failed online experiments, then you need to recognize that time is short.

Any moment from now, the price will go up. Thats not a threat.

Or the offer will disappear until further notice.

Either way, you have limited time.

Nuff said, and I'll see thee inside.

Rooting for you,

Waju Abraham


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