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Ken Ndubisi Built A Multi-Million Naira Business In 12 Months After Reading "Zero Capital".


One of the loveliest testimonials of reading Zero Capital comes from Ken Ndubisi, Founder, Agency Blitz.

In ONE YEAR, Ken has grown to become a kinda big deal and a national phenomenon. He will be 23 this year, and is just about finishing his National Youth Service.

Now, don't get this wrong. The book is not a magic pill. 

Ken certainly had something to offer. 

If you have no value to offer, it won't help you one bit. If you have no personal drive for success, this book won't do shit for you.

But Ken took this to overdrive. Loaded with talent, dreams and plans for the future, this book provided the jet fuel he needed to reach for the stars.

Now, I don't know where you are in life today...
  • Full-Time Employee.
  • Part-Time Employee with a side-business.
  • Full-time Entrepreneur.
  • Or maybe just an undergraduate or an entrepreneur wannabe. This book will help you.


FACT! You Can Finish Reading This Book In 60 Minutes 
-But What Will You Do Next?


If you're like most people, a fire will be lit inside you.

Then, you will probably send me a message thanking me for the book...and then that will be that.

No further action will be taken.

Soon, other things like BBnaija, Money-thieving snakes and monkeys, and what to eat for dinner will grow like weeds over that new discovery.

Gradually, the fire will die out. 

And you will become an ordinary Nigerian again, blaming government, uncles and aunties for not helping you.

Did I hear you say "God forbid"???

Well, you can't argue with the stats...It is the most common phenomenon on earth, and it will happen to many people who get this book. 

Unless...they are of the minority...a different sort

And that's what I'm hoping you are, my new friend.


I Want To Create 100 "Ken Ndubisis" In 2019... Complete With Their Own Personal Money-Making Websites


By this, I mean 100 hot, fired-up and action-ready, 7-figure entrepreneurs like Ken. 

But it isn't for everybody (the fire has to be inside you first).

- Do you STILL have your spark of entrepreneurial fire inside you? (Or has the Nigerian system totally killed it, such that you can't even imagine being an entrepreneur these days? If this is you, I'm sorry, I can't help you)

- Do you desire to live life on your own terms? (Or are you already addicted to being the office zombie, paying for your employer's lifestyle, while you remain underpaid, overworked, and overwhelmed?)

(Right now, you may even be a well-paid but time-starved employee in a "big firm")

- Do you long for freedom? To meet your former employer on vacation, because you can now afford it?


I have created the Ultimate Business Toolkit for starting your own lucrative time-friendly online business. 

This is unlike ANYTHING you have ever seen in your life. 


I want to give you the complete tool and skill set you need to actually make it online -fast.

Look, you may already have your own business right now, and it may be making you money.

But the truth is you have to go DO IT daily, to make the kind of money you make. Not good enough, if you ask me.

This is what traditional business models are about.

It is simply not enough to make money IF your business cannot survive without you.
(Some people can't even think of taking a vacation in another 5 years.)

I mean...if you have to work until your eyes bleed, and you always get home late and stressed out, then you don't really have a business -your business has you.

I want to help you build the kind of lucrative business that frees up your time, so you can truly live instead of being a slave to the job or business like most people out there.

And if that sounds like what you want, then click the button below now. (I've got something mindblowing to show you)


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